Thursday, 20 April 2017

60 things I wish I could tell my younger self

As we grow up, it's inevitable that we learn from our experiences and mistakes (especially in makeup/fashion, as I learnt the hard way)! I don't know about you, but I often find myself pondering over everything I've been through, and what it's all taught me. That's why I thought this week, it would be interesting to think about these lessons and realisations in a bit more depth. I was actually really surprised as to how many I could think of. Some are serious, some are more trivial, some you may relate to and others are more personal to me. Either way, I hope it makes an interesting read! So without further ado, her are 60 things I wish I could tell my younger self:

1. Social media will never solve your problems.
2. Your mental health won't improve until you respect your body and mind equally.
3. Stop worrying about your body; you haven't even finished growing yet.
4. Bra fittings are important.
5. The brown lip-gloss and purple eyeshadow combination will never look nice.
6. Your skin tone is not, and never will be 'sand', however much Dream Matte Mousse you apply.
7. Life is too short for uncomfortable heels.
8. Periods are nothing to be embarrassed about.
9. Your year 8 'history timeline' certainly isn't worth stressing over.
10. Be upfront about how you feel.
11. If someone upsets you, tell them - whether it's a stranger, parent, teacher, friend or anyone else. 
12. Smile at strangers even if they don't smile at you.
13. If you must fake tan your legs, fake tan your feet as well.
14. Never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in order to 'fit in'.
15. Don't suffer in silence, physically or mentally.
16. Going to the Doctor's is rarely as bad as you think it will be.
17. Acknowledge negative thoughts, but don't let them define you.
18. 2 litres of water per day will change your life.
19. Alcohol is only fun when you're in a good mood.
20. Physical and mental health are a team.
21. Revise well in advance.
22. Don't take it personally when people treat you badly - it's only a projection of their own feelings.
23. Teachers are human beings. Speaking and being honest with them will benefit you both.
24. Standing up for yourself won't make people hate you.
25. When it comes to success at school, self-care is equally as important as working hard.
26. Learn from your mistakes.
27. Most successful people start out by feeling like a loser.
28. Keep your friends close.
29. However much you try to, you will never enjoy cardio. Just do something else.
30. Physical strength becomes mental strength.
31. You are the only thing that has the power to make you feel bad.
32. Don't ever skip medication.
33. Life is too short to feel guilty for eating nice food.
34. A determined attitude is not everything, but it is powerful.
35. Don't stress over your indecisiveness - use it to your advantage.
36. Your journey is yours and everyone else's is theirs.
37. Comparing yourself to others is useless; everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses.
38. Get your split ends trimmed regularly.
39. School-College-Uni-Job isn't the only successful/viable life path.
40. Following your passions will make you feel more alive than anything else.
41. Work hard to be financially independent.
42. Do whatever you want at the gym and never feel self-conscious; nobody is looking.
43. Get up earlier.
44. Don't pretend you don't care about your Mam's opinion, because you do.
45. Don't let heartbreak stop you from loving wholeheartedly and without fear.
46. Learn to recognise confirmation bias in yourself.
47. You are the only person who can save yourself.
48. Don't let PE put you off exercise.
49. Let yourself feel every emotion your heart desires; they exist for a reason.
50. Stop pretending you don't enjoy Maths.
51. Taking a day to just look after yourself is more than ok.
52. The night out is not worth having to go into work hungover.
53. Don't underestimate the power of 9-10 hours sleep at night.
54. Don't underestimate the power of a good breakfast, either.
55.Your eyebrows look ridiculous.
56. Try to look after you nails.
57. Stop stressing about your exams; it won't change the result.
58. Resitting is not the end of the world.
59. Always put your phone down an hour before bed.
60. It's ok to be socially awkward - just own it.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

My top 10 hangover cures!

Anyone who knows me will be well aware that I'm partial a drink or ten at the weekend. Of course drinking is bad for us, and I admire all the non-drinkers in my life, but let’s be honest - there aren’t many. Unfortunately I seem to be one of those unlucky people who are prone to soul-destroying hangovers. Admittedly, I’m also a person who tends to feel very sorry for herself when ill; these two factors are a less than ideal combination. However, there are a few little tricks I’ve learnt to make that hangover a little more bearable. Of course, the only sure way to avoid being hungover is not to drink. Despite this, everyone has their own little tricks to help give that hangover a bit less of a punch. Here are my top 10 tried and tested hangover remedies!

10) A long bath/shower
However disgusting it is, I think we’ve all woken up in our clothes from the night before, or barely able to open our eyes from all the crusty makeup around our face. Let’s be honest, anybody who denies they've done this is probably lying. There’s nothing like feeling unclean to exaggerate that overall ‘icky’ feeling, so taking a nice relaxing shower or bath, washing off that makeup and apologising to your skin is a good place to start.

9) Leave the painkillers alone
This is probably a bit of an unusual one, seen as so many people swear by Paracetamol to get them through a hangover. However, I think the effectiveness of painkillers really depends on the sort of hangovers you get. Personally, I rarely get a ‘headachy’ hangover; I usually just feel really sick. I learnt the hard way that for me at least, taking over the counter painkillers whilst feeling nauseous is a recipe for disaster.

8) Oranges
I don’t know what it is about orange-related goods that seems to help hangovers so much, but somehow it works. It doesn’t matter what it is; actual oranges, orange juice, orange cordial, as long as it contains orange, it definitely has the potential to make you feel a bit better.

7) Prink (yes, really)
This may seem counter-intuitive but just hear me out. If like me, you’re not much of a social butterfly, then deciding to pass up on prinks and head out sober can actually cause more harm than good. When you prink, you can choose to steadily drink and go out a bit tipsy, meaning you’re less likely to feel the need to ‘catch up’. On the occasions where I’ve gone out sober and been met by a group of already very drunk people, I’ve felt the need to get to that ‘level’ immediately. This usually involves ordering a couple of drinks and some shots on the side, which can ultimately lead to getting drunker quicker. This in turn encourages you to drink more and more and before you know it, you’re laid in bed hungover AF.

6) Leave the card at home
I still haven’t mastered this one; I always end up convincing myself I should take my card ‘just for emergencies’. Unfortunately my emergency usually ends up being the overwhelming feeling that I MUST buy 10 shots for me and the girl I just met in the toilets, or something to that effect. Leaving your card at home saves money for one, and secondly means you physically can’t buy more alcohol than you actually plan to drink, thus reducing the risk of a hangover.

5) Take water to bed
You’re more likely to drink throughout the night if you don’t have to get up for it, and of course water is great for hangovers. I always make sure I have a bottle of water next to my bed before I head out, in case I forget or if drunk me forgets the importance of that H2O when I get home.

4) Stick to clear spirits
I’m not too sure about this one myself, but I think it is generally agreed that lighter coloured spirits like vodka or gin cause less severe hangovers than dark spirits like whiskey, for some scientific reason which I’m not going to pretend to know.

3) Find your best drink
Different drinks cause different reactions in everyone. For example, I’ve decided that J├Ągerbombs are a no for me, as they make me SO ill. Gin, despite being a lighter coloured spirit, also seems to give me a hangover from hell. So nowadays, despite the fact that I prefer gin, I tend to drink vodka as it gives me the least severe hangovers. My parents always think I’m mad when I say “I don’t want to be hungover so I’m just going to drink vodka”, but going out and drinking only the one drink that doesn’t make you so bad can be really effective in preventing being too hungover (providing you don’t use this as an excuse to drink way more than normal.)

2) 2 extra pints
Of water, that is. I try to drink a pint of water right before I start drinking alcohol, and another just before bed. This obviously stops you from being as dehydrated and can work wonders in preventing the dreaded dry mouth the following morning. Keeping hydrated should also ease a headache.

1) Lucozade
If all else fails, Lucozade is the answer to everything. Preferably orange flavoured.